Working Time Opt-Out remains….(for now)

The European Commission announced at the European Council EPSCO meeting on Thursday 27th February that Social Partner negotiations on revising the Working Time Directive have not succeeded. The Press Release from the Council meeting read:

“The Commission briefed the Council on the outcome of the negotiations between the social partners on a review of the 2003 working time directive, aimed at adapting the EU working time rules to the changes in the world of work. There is an obligation for the Commission to consult the social partners before proposing EU social policy legislation. The social partners, however, did not reach an agreement on this issue. The Commission is now considering possible ways forward”

General Secretary John Barton said that in the light of this announcement, the status quo on the right of the individual to opt out of the WTD should they wish to do so, would still apply. A right that we have vigorously campaigned on in the past and a right we are 100% behind.

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