If you have any problems at work it makes sense to have someone on your side. A Trade Union provides support and representation for its members on all work related issues. Some workers join a trade union because they believe that a union can:

  • support members undertaking Co-Responder duties
  • offer general advice and support on domestic issues
  • representation at pension and medical appeals
  • representation at capability hearings
  • provide advice and support on primary employment matters
  • representation throughout the grievance and disciplinary processes

In addition to our core business we provide;

We are an organisation which fully understands the strengths of the RDS. Our commitment to the welfare of those employed on this duty system is our top priority and we need to be vigilant to keep RDS issues to the forefront of the national and local agenda as well as being fully supportive of our members when things go wrong.

We believe we are the best option, whether it is through ongoing lobbying on members collective behalf, representing you in disciplinary or grievance processes, or deploying our Legal Team to protect you if you are injured on duty. The FRSA aims to be proactive on our members’ behalf; a union is not now nor ever has been just simply a safety net. Unions are not just there for when something goes wrong!

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