Wholetime Membership

Back in 2007 the Fire and Rescue Services Association (FRSA) amended its rules and opened up our membership to allow Wholetime and Control staff to join as full members, this followed on from when we opened up our membership to Urban Search & Rescue teams back in 2006 when this new category of operational personnel was created.

This change was in response to enquiries we received at the time from non-members who felt that their union didn’t truly represent their views and/or values but still wanted the protection of a representative organisation. This was also at a time when the number of personnel who held a Retained and Wholetime contract started to increase.

A decade on and the number of enquiries from full-time employees continues to rise, so we feel that it is now appropriate to raise awareness among all staff who have a full-time contract with a fire and rescue service.

Full membership of the Association is granted to any serving member of a fire and rescue service who supports the values and objectives of the FRSA. The principle of which is that the Association conducts its business using a no-strike policy, remains an independent trade union with no political affiliation and uses the power of argument rather than the argument of power.

These values have been in place for over 44 years, improving members’ local terms and conditions, achieving success at employment tribunals and medical appeals, personal injury claims and ill-health and injury pensions in the process.

A number of our Executive Board members hold a Wholetime or Dual contract with their local service so there is a wealth of experience across both duty systems.

The membership subscription rate for Wholetime, Control, Grren Book and USAR personnel is currently £14.25 per month and includes exclusive access to our Accidental Injury, Illness and Death Insurance Scheme (£4.99 per month) and our ‘Rewards’ package which provides discounted products and services to members.

If you would like to know more please contact us via the website or contact your local FRSA official.