Values in the Fire Service – 27 March 2015

e_bulletin_logo_bigAs previously advised, John Barton and Tristan Ashby attended this meeting alongside representatives of FOA and FBU. The meeting, facilitated by CFOA, sought to discuss issues raised by the Fire Minister regarding reports of behaviour by some members of fire and rescue services which does not reflect the values upheld by most staff and those the public would expect of a uniformed public service. The purpose of the meeting was to seek the views of stakeholders as to whether there was a wider issue of inappropriate behaviour and if so how to come up with a collective course of action. A copy of CFOA’s response to the Fire Minister can be found here.

Attendee from the employee’s side commented about bullying and mistreatment in its various forms, it is therefore regrettable that one representative having recalled his own observations then left without making any constructive comments on how this situation might be addressed.

We stated at the meeting that every worker has an obligation to be reliable, a good timekeeper, competent in the tasks they are set and obliged to treat fellow workers with dignity and respect, they should not leave their workplace in a state of anxiety or distress due to the inappropriate treatment by their work colleagues, often due to union affiliation.

In terms of moving forward, we believe that all representative organisations within the FRS should recognise their collective obligations and collaborate to positively and publically endorse and promote initiatives which would reduce inappropriate behaviour.

Joint Working Group (Fitness)

The first meeting of the group is to take place on 31st March in London, where John Barton and Tristan Ashby will be making representations on behalf of the RFU. As has been circulated previously, we do have concerns over the inconsistencies regarding provision of equipment and support available between WDS and RDS where the same level of fitness is a contractual requirement, a report on the meeting will be circulated in due course. A copy of the agenda and the groups terms of reference are available.

RFU On-Call Policy gets a ‘mention in dispatches’

In the last of a series of open letters to firefighters, the Minister provided an update on a number of topics and within the letter made a reference to our On-Call policy commenting that ‘it is good to see something positive being done for retained firefighters’

Existing members are well aware of the benefits On-Call provides, not only when they are on duty but also importantly that it covers accidents when undertaking primary employment outside of the FRS. We’ve been advising our members that it is a great product but to receive a Ministerial endorsement for our efforts on member’s behalf is very welcome indeed. For more information click here.