UK Fire & Rescue Health & Lifestyle Survey

The CFOA FireFit Steering Group in collaboration with the University of Bath are involved in a National Fitness Standards Research Project. The research aims to provide guidance on fitness standards and lifestyle advice for UK FRS employees. For health and lifestyle advice to be relevant to UK FRS employees it is first necessary to collect information on the health and lifestyle choices made by employees of the UKFRS. 

In collaboration with the University of Bath a Health and Lifestyle Survey has been designed to provide a snapshot of the health status of the UK FRS.

The aim of this survey is to gather information on the health and lifestyle choices made by the employees of the UK Fire and Rescue Services. The information will enable further understanding of the effects that lifestyle choices have on the health and well being of Fire and Rescue personnel and will be used to improve health and well being services. You will not be expected to share any personal information that will identify you.

Your employing Fire & Rescue Service will not be able to identify you from any data you provide. The survey is expected to run until July 2013.

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