Equality of Opportunity

The Pledge

As an organisation, the Fire and Rescue Services Association (FRSA) believe that all fire service employees should be treated fairly and equally. They should be provided with the same opportunity regarding training, career development, selection for promotion and transfer, with the ability to apply for roles within the fire service (internally and externally) based on their abilities and qualifications, not their duty system or personal union affiliation.

Our view is that equality of opportunity should be the norm within the fire and rescue service and be recognised as good practice, as it widens the scope for improving diversity, is inclusive and respectful of all employees.  This ultimately benefits individuals, the organisation and public safety.

In our modern and ever-changing society, in which we rightly seek to eradicate discrimination and inequality within the workplace, we believe the same values should be upheld within the fire and rescue service (a public sector employer), irrespective of duty system or union affiliation.  Where this does not occur we should, and will, be prepared to challenge.

We are proud of our position regarding equality of opportunity and will continue to pro-actively promote it through all we do.

We pledge to uphold these values at all times.

We strongly encourage ALL Fire and Rescue Services in the United Kingdom to sign this pledge, and support this approach.

A list of organisations who have signed the pledge will be published here.