RFU response to Sir Ken Knight’s report

By way of a holding statement, the RFU welcomes in principle Sir Ken Knight's report into the Fire Service. 

We need to fully digest the contents of the report which has only become available to us this morning, but in essence the report appears to mirror the stance we have been taking for many years that efficiency savings within the service have yet to be fully realised. It is only logical that to provide the public with a cost-effective emergency service, it is necessary to fully maximise the most cost-effective part of that service which is the Retained Duty System (On-Call firefighters). 

While FRS continue to claim that there are barriers to recruiting these personnel we are yet to see any evidence that any real effort has been made on this matter and FRSs have used this argument as a convenient tool for the status-quo to remain in place.

A more detailed response will be provided later today when we have had time to fully digest the report.

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