RFU sign up to national agreement on Equality, Diversity and Culture

RFU signs up to ‘Equality, Diversity, Behaviours and Organisational Culture’ – Memorandum of Understanding for the fire service

Tristan Ashby, CEO of the RFU said:

“The RFU welcomes the publication of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which complements our own values and attitudes towards both how our members wish to be treated in the workplace and how they are expected to treat others.

The document is as a direct result of one of the key findings contained in the Adrian Thomas report published in November last year.  The MoU makes it very clear what the expectations are for employers, employees and stakeholders alike and the role individuals and organisations collectively have to play, to provide a more representative workforce of the communities that they protect.

However, as an organisation we, more than most, are aware of hollow words and the false promises of the past, promises of equal treatment and a zero tolerance to the bullying culture that exists to varying degrees within the fire service. So, while we provide our full commitment and support to the MoU, this obligation has to be demonstrated by ALL stakeholders if its objectives are to be successful.

Even today, there will be firefighters in some services, who are receiving unacceptable levels of behaviour from their colleagues, purely due to their work pattern, political views or union membership. Such behaviour has no place in any public service and should be dealt with appropriately.

As an organisation we will continue to challenge the bullying culture at every level, and will take the lead in improving local and national recruitment processes to enable everyone, the best opportunity to serve their communities as a member of the fire service within a tolerant working environment free from discrimination.”

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