Results from RFU survey – Recruitment and Retention of RDS personnel

The RFU recently conducted a nationwide survey on the topic of ‘Recruitment and Retention’ for Retained Duty System (RDS) staff from a frontline employee perspective. The survey was open to all serving UK On-Call personnel, not just RFU members and we were very pleased with the level of response.

Using detailed analysis of the findings, we have put together a report which has this week been circulated to all Chief Officers and Chairs of Fire Authorities. We are delighted to note that positive feedback is already being received here at RFU HQ.

All too often we hear people question the viability of the RDS in the modern era, however we hope that the survey’s findings will prove to be a useful source of reference in resolving some of the persistent issues at a local level. A copy of our report is available here.

RFU local officials will soon be asking to meet with local brigade management to discuss the contents of the report, with a view to improving the Recruitment and Retention processes for the future.

This further demonstrates that the RFU is the only fire service union dedicated to the interests of Retained personnel, if you want to be part of the process in improving appliance availability, earnings potential and working conditions, you need to be a member of the RFU.

If you need any assistance on this matter please contact RFU HQ.

Thank you.
John Barton
National General Secretary