Welcome to the RFU Learning Zone. This area has been designed by Anglia Ruskin University to provide members of the RFU with an opportunity to continue their ongoing professional development. Each module contained within the Learning Zone has been developed to give both theoretical insight as well as practical examples and exercises in a number of key skills areas.
Each of the topics covered will be broken down into a number of subject areas which can be easily navigated through the RFU website. You will be able to down load material to your own computer, print items of interest and even take online multiple choice questions.
There is no prerequisite for study, except membership of the RFU, and each module and subject area can be used as part of a specific are of study or as partial completion of one of the Fire and Rescue Service's Integrated Personal Development System (IPDS) elements.
The development of this site has been achieved through financial Support from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Each time you visit the site, the RFU are able to take advantage of this funding to support a series of ongoing modernisation activities, so please register each time you visit and help to make a difference.

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