Queens Fire Service Medal awards in Scotland

We congratulate both of the recipients of the Queen’s Fire Service Medal in Scotland:

Thomas Kevin Blair: Retained Watch Manager, Dunbar Community Fire Station, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Kevin has served and protected the community in Dunbar in East Lothian for over 33 years. He started off as a retained fire fighter and gradually progressed through the ranks until he was promoted to his present post as Watch Manager in charge of Dunbar Community Fire Station, a position he has held for over 20 years.

As the driving force behind the station Kevin leads his crews at all operational incidents within his local area in addition to attending the station before and after his full-time job each day to ensure that continuous fire cover is available in the community.

He has been extremely proactive in engaging with the local community, educating them about the dangers of fire and how best to prevent it. Thanks to his commitment to youth group and school visits hoax calls in Dunbar are almost non-existent as Kevin and his crew have worked hard to gain the understanding and respect for the work of the fire service from young people in the area.

David Farries: Watch Manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

David is a Watch Manager with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service with 45 years dedicated service across various departments to the communities of the City of Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders under his belt.

For many years David was the main fundraiser and organiser for The Fire Fighters Charity – his efforts have raised tens of thousands of pounds for firefighters, and their families, who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. He has also been a central figure in organising and managing the Fire and Rescue Service Sports and Athletics Association (FSSA) rugby team at both a Scottish and UK level, leading Scotland’s (FSSA) rugby team for over thirty years.

His charitable work extends to assisting those who have retired or are experiencing difficulties and he is a facilitator for the local branch of the National Association of Retired Firefighters, where he ensures that retired elderly firefighters are provided for.

In 2005 David was successfully appointed as one of four Watch Managers to lead the newly-created Fire Investigation/Technical Support Unit, he continues in this role today.

Source: scotland.gov.uk