O’Brien Case - Remedy

The O’Brien case relates to part-time workers gaining pension rights prior to the part-time workers legislation coming into force (01 July 2000), this means firefighters with service prior to this date would be eligible to retrospectively buy-back pension rights to when they originally joined the fire service. The FRSA is the only trade union to have originally lodged claims on behalf of its members and will therefore be involved in future discussions with the Home Office to agree how the decision will be administered across all services.

If the Modified Scheme is an indication of just how difficult this process will be, it is imperative that eligible firefighters are members of the FRSA, as it was evident that our recordkeeping and administration was far superior than the majority of fire services across the country and other unions. Remember, your employer will not be actively working to ensure you receive your entitlement, quite the opposite as it is not in their interests for eligible staff to gain a fire service pension.

We will keep members posted as further information becomes available, however, this will only be available for members of the FRSA.