National Update

FRSA National Update

11 August 2023

Pensions - Second Options Exercise

As many of our On-Call members will be aware, there will be a ‘second options exercise’, whereby, eligible On-Call firefighters will be able to purchase pensionable service, retrospectively, to the date that they joined their fire service.

It is perfectly understandable that there are many unanswered questions relating to this process, not least of which are, when will this process commence, how will I know and am I eligible?

In an effort to provide members with the most relevant information as possible, we have put together a two-part podcast and accompanying videos which provides the background to the reasons for the first and second options exercise but most importantly, the eligibility criteria to be able to take part in the next process.

Details of how to access the podcast and our YouTube channel is listed below and we will provide further information on this subject as and when it becomes available.

It is our view that collectively, we all need to ensure that those who should have the opportunity to purchase pensionable service retrospectively, should be given the relevant information to make an informed decision. Particularly, those who have retired from the fire service and I would implore you to share this email with your former colleagues to raise awareness of this opportunity.

As with the first options exercise, it will not be a smooth procedure for all, with many falling through the cracks. It cannot be underestimated how important it will be in the coming months for serving and retired On-Call firefighters to be a member of the FRSA to enable access to the support and representation that could be needed if there is a dispute between the individual and their fire service (ex)employer. 

If, after listening to our podcast or watching our YouTube channel you have further questions, please contact us via email with your query. 

Tristan Ashby
Chief Executive Officer

Listen to our Podcast

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast, Priority Message. The most recent episodes talk about the second options exercise for eligible On-Call firefighters to access later this year.

The Podcast can be accessed for free, via Spotify, Apple and Google.

Our offer to you

This information leaflet is available encapsulating the key benefits of being a member of the FRSA. The document is available via our website and we would recommend that this is shared with your colleagues on station.