Part-time workers settlement – update

The issue of the compensation payment for the terms and conditions settlement continues to provoke the question of when are members likely to receive notification of their exact entitlement. We understand members’ frustration that this process seems to be never ending, we can assure members that we are just as frustrated.

The delay is due to the third-party (Popularis) handling the administration experiencing difficulties matching the information provided by the unions with the information provided by the employers (fire authorities). While the RFU is using the information provided to us via our members completed industrial tribunal forms, some of this information doesn’t match that held by the fire authorities.
We are aware that the RFU is not the only union experiencing this problem.
However, we will ensure that while this has caused the process to stall, every member will still receive their compensation entitlement.
As soon as we have additional information regarding timescales for this process we will inform members via our website.



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