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New Modified Scheme – Options Exercise

Serving and retired members who have received correspondence from their fire service concerning the pension aspect of the Part-Time Workers cases and returned the expressions of interest form, are now receiving individual financial information with which to consider their options.

For some this is not an easy task and from the number of queries we have received here at RFU HQ, quite a few are finding it difficult to understand the figures and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, as the employer, fire services are unable to help due to being prevented by law from providing financial advice.

We fully appreciate that this can cause members frustration and although we have an understanding of the mechanisms of the Modified Pension Scheme, the same limitations regarding financial advice are also placed upon us. However, very often we are able to use our knowledge of the scheme to provide members with the necessary clarity with which members are then able to make an informed decision that best suits their own individual needs.

We recommend any member with a query to please contact RFU HQ.

For those of you who are not members and need assistance, you can join us here.