National ‘On-Call’ firefighter campaign launched

The Association has for many many years lobbied central government for a national recruitment campaign for Retained/On-Call firefighters as one of the methods of overcoming the ongoing national recruitment and retention issue.

We have on occasion, been of the view that progress had been made only for the government of the day to ‘cool’ over the idea, causing us a great deal of frustration.

However, we are pleased to announce that there is a national on-call firefighter campaign (albeit for England only) using a centrally based website and social media platforms. The website ( will be the primary resource where people will be able to register their interest in becoming an On-Call firefighter, which will then be directed to individual services

While this is not the national TV and radio campaign that we ideally would have liked to be progressed, it is a positive step forward, will all Fire and Rescue Services buying into the concept

We would welcome your feedback on the design, layout and content as we expect the campaign to evolve over time to enable it to fulfil its objectives.