Modified Duty Payments

Joint Statement between Cumbria FRS and the FRSA

Following a grievance raised by the FRSA, relating to payments to On-call staff when on sick and/or modified duties, the Service has undertaken a detailed review of payments made to our On-Call employees whilst on modified duties.

Over a number of weeks we have worked closely together to understand the differences, raised through the grievance process. This close working relationship has allowed a review of absence payments and highlighted that the same calculation for sick pay was not being utilised when calculating payments for modified duties.

The Service has considered the position and the decision has been taken to make backdated payments to On Call employees who have been on modified duties.  In employment legislation there are time limits relating to backdating payments, however the Service has decided that the right thing to do would be to make backdated payments to all eligible employees from April 2013, the date when the On-Call working arrangements local agreement was originally applied. 

All eligible staff will be written to individually throughout April and will have the full amount repaid in their May pay.

Staff should be reassured that following the grievance and the subsequent review, the Service has from the 1st April 2019, made changes to ensure our On-Call staff receive adequate payment when they are on modified duties.

In response to this decision, the FRSA has expressed their appreciation to the Service for the manner in which the original grievance has been managed. The overall conclusion demonstrates how important it is for the Service and representative bodies to work together in a professional and meaningful manner to provide the correct resolution to staff within Cumbria.

There are a significant number of On-Call personnel who were affected by this issue and we are pleased that we have been able to achieve the right outcome.

Steve Healey
Chief Fire Officer

Dawn Coates
Cumbria Secretary, FRSA