National Update

National Bulletin - May 2021

Modified Pension Scheme

To fulfil our commitment to members I wanted to provide members with an update on how negotiations are progressing regarding the second options exercise for eligible members (past and present) to access retrospective access to the Modified Pension Scheme.

All we can say at this time is that talks continue to take place between all relevant parties with no new concerns being raised. We remain hopeful of a resolution in the coming months but during the interim we will keep members updated even if it is only to say that negotiations continue to take place.

Represent the FRSA in your service

We are always willing to hear from members who are interested in joining our network of local officials that represent members within their own fire and rescue service. The contribution these officials make can literally be life-changing for members and is a very rewarding role which attracts payment for trade union duties. Training is provided by the Association and a mentoring arrangement is available, although the key attribute is your experience as an operational firefighter!

If you would like to know more, please contact FRSA HQ via 01953 455005 or

Supervisory Leadership Development Programme

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has this month commenced a 15-month project which will see the design and development of Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) ready for July 2022. The SLDP aims to produce leadership pathways through standardised development programmes to prepare staff and nurture existing leaders at the first level of management within FRSs.

The programme will target all staff (non-operational and operational roles) who have a role supervising staff. The aim of the programme, which will be centrally coordinated and supported at a national level, is to create leaders who are people-focused and more empowering and encouraging to those that they lead through a leadership style that is collaborative and inclusive.

The proposed benefits of this project include:

  • Opportunity for a nationally recognised standard at supervisory manager level
  • The credibility of a national programme
  • Consistent delivery of training and development
  • National Leadership Portal provides an opportunity for learning materials to be available in different formats and accessible for all
  • A consistent national qualification which will enable staff to transfer between FRSs
  • Enables services to maximise efficiencies through the Apprenticeship Levy.

The FRSA has been invited to contribute to this programme specifically regarding how this project could impact on our members. We are pleased to take up this offer and will work with the NFCC to ensure that firefighters working all duty systems are treated equally and given the opportunities to hone their talents and fulfil their ambitions.

re ongoing, progress is still being made and we are hopeful that an agreement will be made within the next few months. As per our previous comments, we will provide members with a more informed update as soon as there is something meaningful to share.

Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit

Another piece of work the NFCC is progressing in 2021 as part of its People Strategy is a ‘Leadership’ project in response to the challenges facing current and future leaders in the Fire Sector. Being adaptable to the evolving requirements of a modern fire and rescue service is a key attribute for future leaders and managers.

The project aims to develop leaders who are both operationally and professionally competent, as well as being capable of creating and delivering a compelling vision for the future to inspire and motivate others.

These future leaders will need to be able to collaborate across our different functions internally as well as being able to cross traditional boundaries with other agencies and businesses to achieve more efficient, effective, and joined up services for the communities we serve.

The toolkit will create a central hub for fire and rescue services to help promote consistency in an approach to leadership, share good practice and reduce duplication of effort.

The FRSA welcomes this initiative as good leadership at all levels is of benefit to all fire and rescue service employees. The fact that such an initiative is required is very telling on the current state of leadership with the Fire Sector.

Government appointment on Fire Reform

The Home Office has appointed Roy Wilshire as the Independent Advisor on Fire Policy, the first role of its kind.

Roy Wilsher, who began his career in London Fire Brigade as a firefighter in 1981, later became the CFO of Hertfordshire and more recently was the Chair of the NFCC 2017-2021. Mr Wilshire started his new role on 12 April.

The primary purpose of this new role is in connection with the government’s Fire Reform agenda and the forthcoming White Paper which is due to set the direction for English fire and rescue services in three key areas: professionalism, people, and governance.

The Paper will seek to deliver a set of reforms to ensure fire and rescue services operate effectively and efficiently, put the public first and meet the needs of the communities they serve, whilst adapting to societal changes. While the FRSA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the draft White Paper during the consultation process, the jury is out on the appointment of the Independent Advisor.

Our offer to you

A new information leaflet is available encapsulating the key benefits of being a member of the FRSA. The document is available via our website and we would recommend that this is shared with your colleagues on station.