The FRSA insurance scheme

Working in partnership with D W Moore & Co Ltd, we have been able to secure an extremely cost effective insurance package to include accidental injury, death and illness insurance.

We have taken this step of providing this additional insurance because we have first hand experience of the difficulties which our members face when they are injured on or off duty together with any knock on effects if it impacts on their ability to continue in their primary employment.

The premium of £4.99 per month is considerably lower than would be available to members to purchase on an individual basis and will provide more benefits 24 hours a day and at a significantly lower fee than other products currently on offer elsewhere.

The policy provides members with £30,000 Accidental Death Insurance.

Insurance Scheme – FAQ’s

Yes. It provides 24 hour cover for you whilst you are in the UK. However, there are policy exclusions regarding certain activities and these can be found within the summary and policy wording. Cover does not apply to retired members.

You are advised to check the cover provided including loss of earnings on any other policy, this insurance scheme has been specifically designed to provide a range of benefits, which may not be available in other policies.

This insurance scheme is designed with firefighters in mind, as such this policy is unique. It is unlikely that you could buy such wide cover for the same premium on an individual basis.

No! The FRSA has seen the need to provide an effective protection policy for its members, importantly at the most cost effective premium. We take no funds from the scheme in order to keep the cost to the price quoted.

The policy is designed to provide some protection for long term illness. It will provide payment once you have been ill and have been signed off work for a minimum of 12 months.

The maximum that you will be paid is 75% of your gross salary/earnings up to £175 per week.

For assistance, please telephone FRSA HQ on (01953) 455005

The policy is available here.