Inclusive fire service group (IFSG) survey

The Inclusive Fire Service Group (IFSG) was set up by the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services to consider matters relating to equality, diversity and cultural issues such as bullying and harassment. The NJC involves employer and employee representation including; Local Government Association, Welsh Local Government Association, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Board and the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board and the FBU. Other key stakeholders in the work of the Inclusive Fire Service Group are the Chief Fire Officers Association, Retained Firefighters’ Union and Fire Officers Association. The group has also engaged more widely with special interest groups both within the service and externally and other unions such as Unison and GMB.
The Group is very interested in the views of employees, whether uniformed or non-uniformed, and we would ask you to respond to this survey so that your views can be taken into account, not just on your current experience of working in the service but also importantly on how improvement could be made. All the information the Group has gathered will inform strategies and actions intended to deliver improvements at local level. We can then monitor the position to clearly identify whether these actions have had any measurable impact and whether further action or broader initiatives are required.
The survey can be found here.