National Update

HMICFRS Inspections

Round 2

The following provides information of which tranche each FRS has been allocated and the likely timescale of inspections. 

Tranche 1

Tranche 2

Tranche 3

Avon FRS

Devon & Somerset FRS

Cleveland FB

Bedfordshire FRS

Gloucestershire FRS

Cumbria FB

Buckinghamshire FRS

Hertfordshire FRS

Derbyshire FB

Cambridgeshire FRS

Humberside FRS

Dorset and Wiltshire FB

Cheshire FRS

Lancashire FRS

Durham & Darlington FB

Cornwall FRS

London FB

East Sussex FRS

Essex FRS

Norfolk FRS

Hampshire & Isle of Wight FRS

Greater Manchester FRS

Northamptonshire FRS

Isles of Scilly FRS

Hereford & Worcester FRS

Nottinghamshire FRS

Kent FRS

Lincolnshire FRS

Oxfordshire FRS

Leicestershire FRS

Merseyside FRS

Shropshire FRS

North Yorkshire FRS

Northumberland FRS

Tyne & Wear FRS

Royal Berkshire FRS

Surrey FRS

West Midlands FRS

South Yorkshire FRS

Warwickshire FRS

West Sussex FRS

Staffordshire FRS

West Yorkshire FRS

Suffolk FRS

Anticipated timeframe (pending further discussion on possible Covid-19 impact):

Tranche 1:

Document request: January 2021
Fieldwork: Spring to Summer 2021
Publication: Winter 2021

Tranche 2:

Document request: May/June 2021
Fieldwork: Autumn 2021 to Spring 2022
Publication: Summer 2022

Tranche 3:

Document request: January 2022
Fieldwork: Spring to Summer 2022
Publication: Winter 2022

Our offer to you

A new information leaflet is available encapsulating the key benefits of being a member of the FRSA. The document is available via our website and we would recommend that this is shared with your colleagues on station.