Government commissions inspection of Avon Fire Authority

The Home Office has commissioned a full statutory inspection of Avon Fire and Rescue Authority – the first of its kind.

The inspection has been ordered by the Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, Brandon Lewis, in response to serious, wide-ranging allegations over the authority’s governance in relation to spending, contracts, complaints, discipline and culture. It follows the authority’s repeated refusal to commission its own independent investigation into the claims.

In June 2016, the Chairman of Avon Fire and Rescue Authority approached the Home Office requesting assistance with launching an inquiry into concerns raised by members of the authority. That request was subsequently withdrawn by the Chairman.

In August 2016 and again last October, the Home Office asked the authority to commission a full investigation, independent of the authority, into all the allegations. The Chair and Vice Chairs of the authority declined this, and the Home Office has therefore commissioned a statutory inspection.

The RFU welcomes the move to inspect Avon Fire and Rescue Authority and expects all services to fully adhere to their own Core Values without exception.