Pension Update

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Firefighters Pension Scheme (FPS) 2015 Fact-Checker

Understandably, there remains some confusion within the ranks across the country regarding the Pensions Remedy and what it means to individual firefighters and their unique personal circumstances.

While there is a lot of information available from several sources, Pensions remains something of a ‘dark-art’ and can be even more complex when the fact that employees can be a member of more than one or even two schemes during their career.

With this in mind, and acknowledging that there remains many ‘myths’, ‘untruths’, ‘fake news’ etc. circulating, (especially within various social media platforms), that factual concise information which is readily available and written in plain language is produced and shared with as many firefighters across the UK as possible.

We believe it is also helpful to have the same messages being broadcast by as many stakeholders as possible, so that firefighters are receiving consistent information.

It is therefore very helpful that the Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) for England, of which the FRSA, FBU, FOA and the FLA are members, have published a fact-checker which the FRSA is pleased to share with you.

The document has been developed by Barnett Waddingham, in collaboration with the Scheme Advisory Board, the Board secretariat, and the Scheme Management & Administration committee. We hope that this document will alleviate some concerns and answer some unknown questions for the FPS membership.

In addition, we anticipate there to be further resources available in early March in the form of illustrative scenarios, which will provide wider examples.

Please feel free to share this document with as many of your colleagues as possible and should you have further questions regarding this matter, do not hesitate to contact FRSA HQ.

Philip Hayes
Pension Lead, FRSA

Our offer to you

A new information leaflet is available encapsulating the key benefits of being a member of the FRSA. The document is available via our website and we would recommend that this is shared with your colleagues on station.