Fire Service faces tough 2013

The 2010 comprehensive spending review contained some challenging financial statements for public services and two years on we are going to experience the tougher effects of the back-loaded budget cuts.

FRS will be expected to make further frontline reductions over the next 12 months and councils will be putting together their proposals on how to do more with less. The question is who will face the brunt of the cuts?

Genuinely who do you think is going to protect and stand up for the On-Call employees across the UK? The truth of the matter is that there is only one organisation who puts On-Call staff first, who fights to keep On-Call fire stations open and fights to maintain the number of On-Call appliances throughout the UK.

We may not be the biggest organisation in the Fire Service but we are honest and stand up for our members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether it’s fighting for your stations future, support with local grievances, representation through disciplinary investigations and hearings, medical appeals or help with injury pensions being a member of the RFU is vital.

We pride ourselves by not having a conflict of interest in terms of representing all of our members, whereas we are already seeing another organisation questioning the abilities and commitment of On-Call personnel in order to fight other battles!! We truly value our members and have a sole objective of supporting the values of On-Call personnel as we have done since 1976.

 Primary employment

It is noticeable that we are receiving more and more enquires asking for support relating to primary employment matters, as all businesses are feeling the pinch. We don’t just claim to provide support and advice for non-fire service matters, we actually do!

All the above plus FREE £20,000 accidental death insurance which provides your immediate family with some breathing space should the unforeseen happen.

And there’s more; our accidental injury, illness and death insurance scheme, ‘On-Call’, provides even more support and has paid out £100,000s since its conception in January 2009.

If you want to help protect your employment and safeguard your family you need to be a member of the RFU.

Join online, via your local rep or contact RFU HQ.

Finally, Christmas is fast approaching and we would like to thank all members for their continued loyalty and support. Have a great safe Christmas.

Don’t forget to salt/grit your drill yard this winter to arrive at the station safely!

Thank you.

John Barton

National General Secretary

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