Fertilizer Plant Explosion

You will be aware from the media, of a tragedy which occurred in the US at the West Fertilizer Plant on April 17, 2013.

To date, it is known that 5 volunteer firefighters from West FD, 4 West EMS Medics, an off-duty Fire Captain from Dallas FD and 4 others lost their lives in the explosion at the plant. 200 people were injured and 50 families made homeless. Latest reports suggest that the toll could rise to 35-40 and 60 people remain unaccounted for.

I have written to the Mayor himself a volunteer Firefighter offering our condolences here.

Although a city, West is a small community in McLennan County, Central Texas with a population of 2,807 (less than the population of many villages in the UK) and protected by 33 unpaid volunteer firefighters.

There has already been some speculation in the media as to the cause of the explosion and how it might have been avoided. In our view, such comments are completely inappropriate at a time when families are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

The effect of this disaster on such a small community where everyone knows everyone is immeasurable; imagine the effect if something like this had occurred where you live.

RFU members will I’m sure, identify with those who have lost their lives serving others and should they wish to offer their condolences, members can do so by clicking here or further still, make donations to the fund which has been established clicking here


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