Equality and Fairness Policy

The Fire and Rescue Services Association (FRSA) is committed to being an equal opportunities organisation and to promoting equal opportunities and the prevention of discrimination. This policy applies to our own employment practices as well as the involvement of all officials of the Association in our activities with other organisations inside and outside of the fire service.

Bullying and harassment potentially causes damaging disruption to service delivery and the health and welfare of those affected by it, the Association is therefore committed to using all possible means to eliminate harassment and bullying in the workplace.

The Association recognises that progress towards and maintenance of this policy requires regular review to eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity through best practice.

The Association will support lawful positive action to achieve and maintain a more representative workforce and to ensure that equality is a core principle that underpins service delivery, training opportunities and employee relations.

The Association is committed to oppose direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of disability, ethnicity or national origin, colour, race, gender, marital status, domestic circumstances, age and sexual orientation.

The Association fully supports any initiative that assists employees to reconcile work, family and other responsibilities; we believe that these are a key feature in making equal opportunities and work/life balance a reality.

This policy recognises that there are groups who are disadvantaged through discrimination and we will work to redress any inequality in the fire service that affects these groups.

FRSA members will continue to seek to actively participate in and support the aims and objectives of this and other bodies.

The Association believes that effective training and managerial and trade union support in the fire service will ensure that all members of the service undertake fair and equal treatment towards others. We will provide support for members who are victims of a failure of this policy.