National Update

COVID-19 - Update (3)

As per our previous e-bulletin, we would like to provide further advice regarding On-Call firefighters who were being treated as a ‘furloughed employee’ within their primary employment as part of the government’s Job Retention Scheme.

We received a number of calls stating that their primary employer had informed them that to be eligible for the Job Retention Scheme payments, they must not undertake any work with their other employer(s) (inc. Fire & Rescue Service).

We have now received further advice from the Home Office who have confirmed that the two jobs (comprising of two separate employers and separate contracts) are treated separately. Not only is it possible to be furloughed in both occupations but it is also possible to continue in their Fire Service role while still being eligible for furlough payments within your primary employment.

The latest government advice is available for employers and employees. We would suggest that you refer this e-bulletin and the government advice to your primary employer.

If you still require further assistance on this matter, please contact FRSA HQ.