Consultation launched on fitness standards guidance

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The Chief Fire & Rescue Adviser (CFRA), the government adviser for the Fire Service, has issued a consultation paper relating to national guidance on fitness standards.

The RFU welcomes this development as we raised this issue as far back as 2008 when we submitted our concerns to the now defunct 'Practitioners' Forum', regarding the CFOA's proposal to introduce a fitness standard of 42VOX Max for new entrants (which ultimately spread to serving personnel). 

The current situation finds that there are different standards across the country which in some cases vary dependent on age/rank. It is ridiculous that an operational firefighter can be deemed unfit in one FRS but fit in a neighbouring brigade.

We believe that there should be one standard that is robust and generates broad agreement with all interested parties, something that has not been the case in recent years.

We will therefore be submitting our formal response to the consultation exercise in the coming weeks. If you have any thoughts on the matter please feel free to contact RFU HQ.