Our View of Co-Responder Schemes

Our View on Co-Responder Schemes Co Responder Initiatives A Partnership for Life There is now a huge amount of irrefutable evidence that proves beyond doubt that Co-Responder schemes are effective and save lives. It has been accepted by all informed parties that there are very few negative aspects and in general terms, properly managed schemes provide benefits to the Ambulance Service, Fire Service, operational staff and

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Co-Responder FAQs

Co-Responder FAQs 1. Are first or Co-Responders Paramedics? No, First/Co Responders are trained in basic first aid, oxygen therapy and the use of an automatic defibrillator. The level of training will depend on the requirements of the local Ambulance Service. Basic first aid skills delivered quickly and effectively save lives every day. Frequently the arrival of competent responders at the home of a patient with a

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