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Access to the Modified Pension Scheme – Scotland

Access to the Modified Pension Scheme

We have recently become aware that some members still have not received the relevant notification from the service that they are eligible to join the modified pension scheme.

The process to identify and write to all eligible staff, both past and present, is a massive administrative task, so it is possible that some eligible individuals have been missed.

The RFU has raised this issue with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service who have been helpful with the cases we have identified. However, our concern is that there are other eligible members who could miss the opportunity to join the modified scheme through no fault of their own.

It is therefore imperative that anyone who has not received notification from the service of their eligibility to join the modified scheme, contact the RFU urgently. If you joined the service prior to 05 April 2006 you will be eligible!!

The opportunity to access the modified scheme will cease in the coming weeks, so it is vital that you act now or lose your right to join the modified scheme.

Where do you fit in?

Change in the fire service is an inevitability, the question is whether it is for the better. Those who know what the RDS needs for it to be robust yet flexible and have long term sustainability are the people who work it. If the direction that is taken is left to others, as has been the case in the past, matters could deteriorate further.

The RFU will provide the opportunity for your voice to be heard at the highest level, if you want and are able to play a part in shaping the future we want to hear from you. You can provide your contact details via RFU HQ here.

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Tristan Ashby
Deputy Chief Executive Officer