A call to all members – FBU strike action

Given that action by FBU members will commence on Wednesday at midday, I wish to put on record my appreciation to all members who, despite external pressure to join the action, will be at your posts as usual and doing your utmost to protect those you live and work with. We choose to use the power of argument at the negotiating table rather than the withdrawal of labour and you do not need to justify your actions to anyone intending to strike, or require their approval. Be proud of yourselves and the essential job you do.

It is often said that firefighters are heroes and deserve all the praise levelled at them and I would never disagree, however, the public approval earned by hard work and self sacrifice is easily lost when emergency workers walk away; this is one of many reasons why the RFU has a no strike constitution.

It is important to repeat, that the public we are all proud to serve, not least the vulnerable and less able, have had no input whatsoever into the ballot which allows the strike action to take place, yet they are being placed at higher risk of injury and damage to property during any industrial action.

My message to all members is to continue to protect your communities as usual; the public deserve it and will thank you for it.

If you have any further queries please contact either your local RFU official or RFU HQ.

Anthony Morgan

RFU President


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